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Sphericall Phone Documentation
390 Phone Handout (.pdf, 128K)
This document provides a description of each key on the phone.
WM Penn Sphericall Voice Mail.pdf (.pdf, 50K)
This document provides directions for all the voice mail options.
Sphericall Desktop Video (.wmv, 7853K)
This video walks you through how to use the Sphericall Desktop.
Sphericall Desktop Quick Reference (.pdf, 134K)
This is a quick reference guide to the Sphericall Desktop.
Sphericall Standard Voice Mail Greetings (.doc, 19K)
This document provides examples of a couple standard voice mail greetings.
Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 450 Phone Manual.pdf (.pdf, 1893K)
William Penn WiFi
Wireless Certificate (.exe, 52K)
For Windows 7 and 8 machines this certificate needs to be installed on your computer to connect to our wmpenn-wifi connection.  Here are a few helpful tips for installing:
1.  Save the certificate to your computer.
2.  Go to the location you saved the certificate, right click on the file and choose "Run as Administrator".
3.  After it is installed connect to the "wmpenn-wifi" connection.
4.  It will ask you for your Network Authentication.  This will be your network username and password.  Make sure for your username you enter it like this "wmpu\username".
5.  You then might see a pop up box that says "The connection attempt could not be completed".  If you do see this pop up box choose "Connect".
Compatibility (.pdf, 263K)
If you are experiencing any issues with Eagle or William Penn email on your Windows PC using Internet Explorer please make sure your Internet Explorer is in compatibility mode.  To ensure you are in compatibility mode the “Compatibility View” button should be colored blue.   If you are not sure how to turn on compatibility mode please click the associated link for directions.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Childhood shot/immunization records are required by the State of Iowa prior to the start of classes. Please send/fax or bring shot records to Athletic Training Center in PAC.

Your shots/immunizations should include:

  • All childhood shots 
  • a current Tetanus (with the last 10 yrs)
  • the Hepatitis B series (3 shots)
  • Recommended: meningitis shot (if you live in the dorms).

You can find these records: With your parents, your High School, Previous college, or Family Physician.

For international student: a copy of your passport is fine.

ATC Fax# 641-673-1290 or Athletic Office Fax# 641-673-1373

For more information call AT Center at 641-673-1093 or 641-673-1293.

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Saturday, 7 March

12:00AM - 11:55PM (3/13) CWA Spring Break

Sunday, 8 March

12:00AM (3/7) - 11:55PM (3/13) CWA Spring Break

Monday, 9 March

12:00AM (3/7) - 11:55PM (3/13) CWA Spring Break

Tuesday, 10 March

12:00AM (3/7) - 11:55PM (3/13) CWA Spring Break

Wednesday, 11 March

12:00AM (3/7) - 11:55PM (3/13) CWA Spring Break

Thursday, 12 March

12:00AM (3/7) - 11:55PM (3/13) CWA Spring Break

Friday, 13 March

12:00AM (3/7) - 11:55PM CWA Spring Break

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